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Log Book Servicing

Keeping up with the servicing of your vehicle is paramount to its reliability and to find small problems before they become big problems.

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Battery Checking & Replacement

The battery in your vehicle is important as without it the engine wont start even though everything else may be in working order
We stock a large range of automotive batteries to suit anything from a motorbike to a prime mover, if we don’t have it in stock we can have it the same day for your convenience. So If your vehicle isn’t starting as well as it should we can fully test it and tell you the options you have for replacement

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Brakes are a very important part of your vehicle that need to be constantly checked and maintained to ensure occupant safety. We only use OEM approved brakes on your vehicle so you can have confidence your brakes will be there when you need them. That’s not all we do we can also supply and fit brake upgrades, slotted rotors and braided lines just to name a few.

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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning helps keep the occupants of the vehicle comfortable and when not working can cause all sorts of annoyances.
We are a fully licenced ARCtick Station and can perform all Air conditioning repairs from regassing to replacement compressors.

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Radiators & Cooling Systems

The radiator and cooling system in your vehicle plays a vital part in its operation to ensure that the engine does not overheat even a small leak can quickly cause your vehicle to overheat. We can complete any repairs to your cooling system from water pumps to radiators and the hoses in between.

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Exhaust Systems

The exhaust on your vehicle is designed to keep noise down and reduce the dangerous emissions coming from the tailpipe. Keeping it in good condition helps to keep the engine running at its best efficiency.

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Gearbox Repairs

The gearbox in your vehicle links the engine to the wheels and a problem here can mean you accelerate and the vehicle does not move. We repair all gearboxes automatic, manual, cvt, road ranger truck boxes  and Allison automatics.

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Timing Belts

Timing belts connect the vital parts of your engine which need to be in time for it to run correctly. They are a wear item on any vehicle fitted with them and as a general consensus should be changed every 100,000kms . we can do timing belt replacements on any vehicle fitted with one.

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Tune Ups

There are many parts that are working together to ensure your vehicle is running properly if you find it is rough, hard to start, vibrating, hesitating or just generally not as good as it used to be. Most times this can be sorted with a tune up depending on the vehicle consists of replacing and adjusting things on the engine back to manufacturers specifications.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

In modern day vehicles everything is controlled by one or several computers that have sensors throughout the car, if you have a light popping up on the dash it usually means there is a fault with one of the systems. We have the most up to date versions of light and heavy vehicle diagnostics systems to ensure we can locate the problem and have it fixed for you.

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The clutch connects the engine to the gearbox in manual vehicles it is a general wear item depending on driving habits . if you notice you accelerate and the car does not seem to respond as it usually would its generally a good sign the clutch is worn and needs replacement  the heavier the load the more stress is put on the clutch ie towing
We can replace any clutch in any vehicle and can also supply and fit upgraded versions to cope with more stress of towing or increased engine performance.

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Fleet Maintenance

We have the capacity and know how to maintain even the largest of fleets and can even supply 30 day accounts for larger customers contact us to know more

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Vehicle Safety Checks

We are RMS accredited to inspect light and heavy vehicles for compliance to the road rules (pink slips).

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Electrical Repairs

There are many electrical systems in your vehicle from starting, charging, lighting to name a few if you have an electrical problem we can fix it.

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Trailer Servicing & Repairs

You may have a problem with your trailer whatever it is we can fix it for you.

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Generic Mechanical Repairs

Any vehicle old or new if something is broken or worn out we have the tools and expertise to repair it for you.

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Engine Conversions

Wanting to upgrade the power in your vehicle wether it be V6 to V8 Swaps Turbo or supercharger conversions we can tackle even the hardest conversions.
Contact us to talk about your next project.

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Suspension Repairs & Upgrades

Suspension is what smooths out all the bumps in the road and the more driving your vehicle has done the more wear will be apparent in the suspension . when the wear gets to an acceptable level things like bushes, shock absorbers and springs need to be repaired or replaced.

We can do all this and more like upgrades such as Coilovers, Sway bars, Urethane bushes and other suspension enhancements.

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When your vehicle breaks wether it be on the side of the road or at home in your drive way we have a towing service for vehicles up to 3000kg wether your vehicle is driving or not we can pick it up to save the hassle of organising tow trucks etc.

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Breakdown Service

When your car stops and you are not sure what is wrong be sure to call our mobile breakdown service, with a fully equipped service ute most small problems can easily be sorted out and if not we are able to come pick the vehicle up for repairs to be done in our workshop (vehicles up to 3000kg only).

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Dash Cam Fitting

With dash cams becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday driving  the cameras become more complicated with options to have gps logging and have the camera run while the car is turned off we can do this and much more.

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Welding & Fabrications

Small or big jobs we have the tools and expertise to make what you need.

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Differential Repairs

The differential of your vehicle connect the gearbox to the drive wheels and has many wearing components. Wether you want to upgrade to a different ratio, LSD or just want to repair it back to original we can do that and more.

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Diesel Diagnostics

We have a full range of tools to test your diesel vehicles and repair what is broken from fuel pumps to injectors.

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Fitting of Aftermarket Accessories

Found an accessory you want fitted to your vehicle? Contact us and we can fit it.

Bullbars, tow bars, roof racks, side steps etc.

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Pickup / Drop Off Serivce

For customers in the local area we are able to offer a pickup/drop off service and for those not so close customers we offer a courtesy car while we have your vehicle.

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